What’s Candy Got To Do With A Detective?

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Special guest post by Mari Abe

Dylan’s Candy Bar is a New York institution for candy lovers of all ages. On any given day, you can find a mixed bag of kids, parents, tourists and adults milling about rows of gummy bears, chocolates, licorice and lollipops. I walk past it every day on my way to and from work and the display of bountiful candy never fails to make me smile. That is until they decided to sell their soul and put up a horrendous window display promoting the season premiere of the TNT drama series, The Closer, presented by Hershey’s.

Really? Now what’s a candy store got to do with a detective? At first glance, it looked like a shameful attempt to reach the moms and dads who are in the store with their kids. Curious to find out more, I took a look inside. Upon entering, an employee greeted me with a complimentary piece of chocolate.

Nice touch. What’s more? There was a highlight reel of The Closer playing on the flat screen behind the checkout register. (Seeing as there’s always a line, it’s a smart idea.) Only here do you make the connection between candy and The Closer – the video loop shows the main character, played by Kyra Sedgwick, obsessing over candy in a variety of scenes. Apparently, she is notorious for her sweet tooth.

While I like the out-of-the-box thinking from Dylan’s, TNT and Hershey’s, this completely misses the mark. If you’re a tourist, Dylan’s is the type of place where you want to take pictures and capture the magic of the candy store. With Kyra’s face all over the store display, it just doesn’t make for a memorable photo. And while there are adults in the candy store, this campaign completely ignores their target consumer – kids! I guess times are tough for Dylan’s and they probably got paid handsomely for selling its window display, but maybe next time they could focus on something a bit more in line with their brand and target consumer. Movies like Cars 2 or Winnie the Pooh come to mind. Other suggestions?

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