Melissa Vigue

Melissa is a mom who works by day for strategic communications firm Peppercomm and by night for identical twin five-year-old girls. After 11 years working in the PR/events industry and 34 years as a consumer, Melissa has opinions about most topics – only some that she’ll share publicly.  Her interests include reading mysteries on her Kindle (best gift ever!) and devouring gossip magazines during business travel. She is a self-professed Food Network addict and relishes time spent exploring new foods and wines but the way to her heart is with a great bottle of bubbly. Bribes are accepted.

Melissa specializes in consumer goods and services having worked with such household names as Whirlpool, Saturn, Billboard and Weight Watchers magazines, Maybelline.Garnier, Hasbro, and JCPenney. Born and raised in Westchester, she still lives in her hometown with her husband (they’ve been together since age 19) and daughters.

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