Meet the Gorilla In the Room: Blogger Compensation

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With the evolution of bloggers in today’s digital age, the relationships between bloggers and brands can be a tricky situation.  Let me begin with mentioning that our agency and clients have worked and continue to work with bloggers on both paid and non-paid efforts and have seen success on both fronts.  We value our relationships with bloggers and are curious to hear from both sides; brands/ agencies as well as bloggers on this topic.

After attending the Evo ’11 conference last week, the 800 pound gorilla named ‘Blogger Compensation’ showed up during a ‘Working with Brands’ workshop.  While the delivery of the overall message surrounding blogger compensation found to be unsatisfactory for most of the people in the room (you can read more about this here), the bigger conversation was brought to the forefront: Should bloggers be compensated with cash, not including in-kind compensation, for reviews and posts?

This is an important conversation that needs to happen in order for both brands and bloggers to develop successful relationships in the future that benefit all involved.

So here we go! Tell us what you think are the biggest challenges, recommended solutions, or heck, just vent your frustrations.


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