Maggie O’Neill

Maggie is a senior director and partner at Peppercomm.  She has been dialoguing with consumers in her experiential marketing and PR role for 18 years, working in the consumer electronics, casual dining, appliance, entertainment and technology sectors.  But, she also credits a lot of her consumer experience to life itself – traveling the globe and bartending for a decade. “Everyone should bartend at some point; you hear everything and can be asked to be counselor, friend and enemy all in one night, and all for a $1 tip.”

Born in New Jersey in the town of the Sopranos, Maggie attended NYU, lived in Tribeca and moved during the dot-com bust to San Francisco where she stayed for six years. She now calls Hoboken her home while not on an airplane (a place her godchildren think she lives), and shares her small one-bedroom overpriced apartment with her 90lb dog Jackson. Let’s be honest it’s his apartment.

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